Three Skillful Jobs for the New Indian Youth

When it comes to jobs, our Indian youth is very choosy. We are bold, we are creative and after watching our parents going to those boring offices every single day without any will to work, only for the sake of money, we are fed up. We want to work for us, we don’t want to sit in those boring offices, we want to work with skills and that’s why we are going to tell you about three amazing skillful jobs in which you can earn good money in this new India.

1. Event Management

Event Management Industry is vastly growing in India these days. It basically involves planning an event and executing it in the best way you can, you have to manage everything from the tiniest parts of the event to the major highlights in the given budget (by the company or the employer).

The main skills that are required in an Event manager are leadership quality, communication skills, problem solving nature and a cool mind. The best thing about this job is you’re going to travel a lot, so if you like to explore new places, this job’s for you.

There are many companies like Wizcraft, Percept etc. which are managing one of the biggest events (from the Commonwealth games to the Zee Cine Awards). Also, you know that we Indians like to celebrate, so there are many weddings, festivals, anniversaries and much more. Thanks to our large population, these companies are never out of work.

There’s no standard qualification required for this job, you just need a diploma or a degree in Event Management and that’s it, you can apply to any Event Management Agency and they’ll hire you. If you have some experience in managing school or college events, this also helps in building your resume.

2. Copywriter

Copywriters have always been in great demand because without them the advertising industry can’t survive. Copywriting involves writing advertisements for the Advertisement Agencies according to the criteria given by the client. These clients are mostly the big companies which hire these agencies to advertise their products. These advertisements require a script and our copywriter writes the script, makes it captivating, interesting and mind catching.

There are many agencies like Ogilvy and Mather, McCann Erickson etc. which advertise products from Titan watches to the Coca Cola Company.

The main skills that are required to be a Copywriter are creative thinking, strong writing and research skills. The ability to meet deadlines is also a very important factor in the field of copywriting. If you like to write and you are looking for a creative job which requires research, you can definitely consider this one.

The standard qualification required to be a Copywriter is a Bachelor’s degree in English or Hindi (according to your preference) and then you can apply for a job in any Advertising Agency.

3. Forensic Scientist

With the increase in the crime rate and the complex case scenarios, the field of the Forensic Science has grown exponentially in India. The job of a forensic scientist involves dealing with the evidences present at the crime scenes to catch the person responsible for the crime. In India, forensic scientists are mainly hired by the government agencies like CBI, CFSL etc.

If you are a crime enthusiast, you like to watch crime thriller movies and you are interested in the inner workings of a crime, this job’ s for you.

The skills required to be a Forensic Scientist are decision making, critical thinking, problem solving and laboratory practices. The best thing about this job is that it is interesting and there is very less competition in this field, thus there is a large scope of getting jobs.

The standard qualification required to be a Forensic Scientist is specialization in any of the forensic fields like forensic photography, forensic psychiatry, forensic ballistics etc. and a master’s degree in Forensic Sciences.

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