According to National Indian express, the Indian cryptocurrency sector employs over 10,000 people. The places like Mumbai, Karnataka, and Delhi have now become the epicenter of job vacancies. The 60% of recruitment was recorded from these three cities solely. Blockchain experts, computer vision experts, ethical hackers, and RippleX programmers are among the top in-demand. The Indian`s cryptocurrency markets have grown at an exponential rate to digital currencies.

SR Crypto chain Developer, Bengaluru, India

  • Experience evaluating, designing, and debugging blockchain technology
  • Architectural design expertise
  • Preparation of financial customer experience is desirable.
  • Can operate well in a group and communicate with one another.

Job Duties

  1. Blockchain technology and ideas will be monitored, researched, and evaluated.
  2. Participate Actively in Crypto conglomerates and business events to assist in the development of the best CryptoPays product.
  3. Teach and assist specified stakeholders with their IT needs.
  4. Develop application architecture and methodology
  5. Create development and standards-based.


  • The role comes with a good remuneration package.
  • A clear route and targets for career advancement
  • After seven months, preferred shares and mentoring programs will be given price incentives.
  • India’s Chief of Foreign Relations in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Co-founder Technologist In Mumbai, India

The objective is to expand global economic independence. They really can not achieve anything without the strongest people on board. They’re a bunch of dedicated overachievers dedicated to bringing the vision of financial and Internet 3.0 to all global users if they’re buying, storing, claiming, or using blockchain.

Responsibilities of the job

  • Involved in legislation, administrative, and commercial matters that affect the business
  • Reputation with politicians in India, and function as the business and future principal liaison for all political connections in India.
  • Identify and offer proactive methods for Cryptocurrencies in India challenges.

Required Qualification

  1. Developing and directing teams throughout.
  2. Dealing with innovative topics in a high-pressure setting, paired with a penchant for proactive dilemma teamwork.
  3. Strong recruiting and group abilities.
  4. Have a previous exposure to learn more about digital products, and cryptocurrency markets, including blockchain-based.
  5. Increased EQ.
  6. The ability to move.

Crypto Pundit at Mumbai, India

India’s bitcoin marketplaces are expanding, and the business has exploded since the Supreme Court’s decision. Increasingly Indians would like to be a part of this burgeoning sector. However, people are confused about how to participate and who will be their companion in this endeavor. You assist them on their way. You build their trust by introducing customers to a company that is tailored to individuals. You are the one who makes it happen. You have an impact,

  • Manage and address symmetric encryption difficulties for every cash deposit interaction to contribute significantly.
  • Keep track of finances across channels for tremendous customer interaction.
  • Conduct, supervise, and resolve withdrawing and payment procedures.
  • Be comfortable with the basics of cryptocurrency wallets, as well as how they work.

Strata crypto foundation in Maharashtra, India

Strata is the foremost autonomy layer-1 cryptocurrency that enables the development of flexible and reliable services.

Job responsibilities

  1. Create and administer activities that will help the organization thrive.
  2. Assist with community moderating and questions on e-commerce, Facebook, and Slack.
  3. Create social media commenting and automation, as well as message and bot help tools.

Participation and Disclosure Standards for Community Teams:

  • A minimum of two years of involvement in the cryptocurrency or tech industry
  • 3–4 years of work expertise in community engagement
  • A bachelor of science in advertising or a related subject is required.
  • Knowledge of online marketing
  • Multi-tasking, prioritizing, and meeting deadlines

Transat Designer Cryptocurrency in Bengaluru, India

Transat offers a currency payment system with a developer connection. This addresses the critical issue of permitting ordinary individuals and corporations to use crypto and technology. It accomplishes this by merging global compliance, payment mechanisms, and availability. Transat is supported by prominent venture capital firms like ConsenSys.


  • Indian Sector Experience and knowledge: Business experience and a solid network are both important.
  • Digital currencies experience, vision, & enthusiasm for the business
  • Knowledge of and support for our consumer goal.


  1. Reasonable Salary
  2. Working from home
  3. Outstanding work-life combination
  4. Individuality is important to us.
  5. All of our workers have the opportunity to advance their careers.

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