How to talk to random strangers/npcs in gta5 online

So, many of players just like me are playing gta5 since years and don’t know about how to talk to random npcs in gta5 online or offline? Well, that’s not good. Haha..

It feels like a shame playing this game day and night and not knowing about this easy thing. So, to do this checkout the below faqs.

How to talk to random strangers/npcs in gta5 online in pc?

In PC, you need to get close to the npc and press the “E” button.

In xbox and ps3, press the right on the d-pad button.

How to skip annoying cutscenes and talking?

In gta5 online, press “esc” button just after entering the yellow circle.

In gta5 offline, it’s really easy to do that by just pressing the “space” button

How to hide/take cover in gta 5?

By pressing “Q” button you can easily take cover of thing nearby and hide from police or any other thing. Unless you’re totally visible.

How to sit in gta5 ?

No, you can’t do that as for now.

How to open and abandon the parachute in gta5 ?

In pc, you can deploy the parachute by doing “right click” on the mouse and abandon the parachute by pressing the “F” button.

In playstation, use the “X” button to open parachute while in Xbox, use the “A” button to open the parachute.

How to open gta5 online faster?

As everyone knows about the slow loading of rockstar servers, the trick to load it faster is to open gta offline first and then open gta online after that.

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